About Me

I have had diabetes for 23 years. I married young, and knew I should do it, but I was still terrified to have kids. When we finally went for it, I guess we just happened to be really good at it, so I have spent almost every day of the last eight years pregnant or nursing. Five sons later, I think I am finally getting the hang of being pregnant and having diabetes! Just getting warmed up, I say.

A doctor, after finding out that my husband and I are Catholic, use natural family planning, and are looking forward to having lots of children, looked at me over the top of his glasses, chin tucked in disapproval, and said, "all I'm saying is you don't need 20 kids." Leaving aside the question of whether one really needs children, which I emphatically deny, I responded, "what about 10?" While I don't know if 10 children are really in my future, I am serious about having as many was my body and our marriage can reasonably accommodate (not to mention having enough rooms in a house and seats in a car to squeeze them all in!).

Of course, diabetes is nothing to sneeze at, so I don't take my health and my ability to bear children for granted. Every pregnancy I've had has been haunted by my doctors' fears of my babies getting too big in utero for me to safely delivery "in the normal way," and I can't say I haven't spent a few anxious, sleepless nights crying about it. That's where the name "Big Baby Blues" comes from! But I've learned a lot in the last eight years, and I hope my experiences help you to be fruitful and multiply, too. I'm grateful for insulin pumps and all the other things we've learned about how to do pregnancy and diabetes safely.

So read on, and I hope I make you laugh a little bit in the process. Because difficult things don't have to make you cry all the time. Pregnancy is hard, children are worth it, and diabetes doesn't have to get in the way.


  1. Hello! I was in shock when I found your site. It was like - wow, I am not the only one. I am reading and reading your blog and it is amazing as if I wrote it LOL))) How can I contact you? I am type 1 and desperately need your advise.

    1. Feel free to e-mail me at beth (dot) g (dot) turner (at) gmail (dot) com with questions. :)

  2. I found your blog at the perfect time! 4wks with my second, and I feel like we are SO similar. I managed a drug free birth with my son 2.5 years ago (I've also had type one for 20 years), even though my OB thought I was crazy and would never be able to. I will likely be emailing you are the address listed above. Gotta run - I'll be busy pouring over every post you've ever written ;)

  3. I loved finding this site after searching online for some tips. I've been a type 1 for 23 years and am currently 31 weeks. My husband and I are also Catholic and use natural family planning. We would like to try for a natural childbirth but I worry about being induced or even needing a c-section. Of course that's on top of the worries about blood sugar all the time. It's such a relief to be able to read about others who have dealt with nearly identical circumstances. It sure is easy to feel alone when tackling all of these things.

  4. I'm 28 years old, and have been a type one diabetic since I was 1. Ever since I started thinking about having children I've wanted a natural birth. The horror stories I've come across developed into a sort of defiance that I HAD to find someone who made it possible. I couldn't be the only diabetic wanting to abstain from the needles and the ivs and being confined to a hospital bed, experiences Im well familiar with and would like to leave in the realm of being sick. I don't want my body being treated as ill when I give birth because to me, it seems like the most spiritual thing a woman can bodily experience. I found out I'm pregnant with my first yesterday and today I found your blog. Thank you for the relief you have given me.