Monday, November 14, 2016

Google is Celebrating the Inventor of Insulin Today!

I had no idea that this guy first had the idea to try insulin to control diabetes in humans. I actually know precious little about the development of insulin therapies except the fact that I'm grateful for them. Thanks to Google, now I also know this little tidbit. Apparently the Canadian Sir Frederick Banting was the first person to try isolating insulin from cows and pigs to use in human beings.

In other news, Sir Frederick Banting was the youngest of five children. Hey, I'm pregnant with our fifth! I guess I can always hope that this baby of ours, growing healthy in utero as a result of the insulin that fifth child Sir Frederick Banting discovered, will grow up to "pass it on" and do something great for his generation and posterity. (But even if he's not the youngest and turns out to be a middle child instead, we can all rest assured that I'm populating the world with middle children. Apparently they are the most well-adjusted adults).

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