Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Picture of My Kids

A while back I got freaked out because it seemed like some traffic from porn sites was being forwarded to my blog. I guess when you're talking about vaginas and all the other stuff that goes into making a baby, you're bound to get a few weird hits. So I had a couple pictures where my boobs might have been partly showing because nursing, and those had to go for sure. But I ended up deleting every single photo on the site, save the one on my "About Me" page, and I've been hesitant to post any others. I don't know, some days it feels like there are people who are just so gross that even the most mundane things get them started on dirty jokes or worse.

But I think I've decided that I just can't resist showing you a picture of those four sons I have. You know the healthy ones that I keep talking about? Well, none of them are babies anymore, even though I can still remember their births like it was yesterday.

 In order: The Scholar is age 2, The Pious One is age 7, Braveheart is age 5, and the Statesman is age 4

Here they all are, eating ice cream, for the first time that day. (I'm the one that has diabetes, not them, okay? I ate no ice cream that day, unless my blood sugar was low at 1:00 am. And yes, I do check their blood sugar with some regularity just to make sure. I will also happily check your child's blood sugar if you're worried about diapers that seem wetter than normal lately!).

Aren't they cute? People ask me all the time when we're out in public, "Are they all yours?" Sometimes I can't believe they all are!

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