Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 22: When Pregnancy Is Boring

I am just going to note that some weeks, especially in the second trimester, can be pretty boring. And I don't mind that one bit! I am accustomed now to the idea of having another little person in the house in a few months, which always takes about the first trimester plus a few more weeks. None of the testing has revealed any significant problems with baby's health. I remember the pain of childbirth and the fatigue of recovery, but because they are not imminent, I'm not feeling it very viscerally. I worry a little bit about preterm labor, because it's hard not to think about it at all, but I'm also pretty fortunate that it's never happened to me. My blood sugars are pretty good and pretty stable, after a rough, early second-trimester ride that I've experienced before. And the counseling. It's really helped with the depression that I've truly been feeling for a while now.

So that's it. There's just not a lot to say right now, and I'm pretty happy about that.

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