Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 14: An Interesting Proposal

I was recently fretting to a friend of mine about having to prove myself all over again with a new set of doctors. You'd think after delivering four healthy babies, they would simply trust that I know what I'm doing. Perhaps they do. But the schedule of testing that the maternal-fetal specialist suggested - growth ultrasounds every month from now until 28 weeks, then BPPs every week until 34 weeks, then BPPs two times per week until induced delivery at 39 weeks - truly is out of control. I haven't undergone so much testing in any of my pregnancies. I thought I'd get a pass with increasing pregnancies, but apparently not!

So I was fretting and complaining, as I'm often found to do. Then, my friend suggested:

"Why don't you just go back and live with your parents at the end of pregnancy and deliver with the OB who took care of you during the other pregnancies?"

It was a stroke of genius. As I talked it over with him, the idea began to sound better and better. My parents only live 90 minutes away, so it would not be difficult for my husband to get there when delivery time comes. And then I would give birth in a hospital I know with a doctor I know who trusts me and knows that I can do this. (Working myself out of the rut again! This blogging thing is truly therapeutic. Say, I wonder if the doctors know they might actually be making the depression and anxiety among mothers worse...?) No crazy excessive testing, no haggling with nurses and on-call doctors at the hospital about how I'm going to manage my insulin pump during delivery; just like old times. Which were mostly OK. At least they're familiar.

The good news is that my old OB is on board. Wahoo! Now I need to work out childcare. My mom didn't seem thrilled by the idea of me taking care of all four of my children in her home all by myself at the end of pregnancy. I can't tell if that was for her sake - the noise, the chaos, the broken chairs - or if that was for my sake - the crying spells, the loneliness, the fatigue. So I'm asking around to see if I can get a little help down here, but I'm extremely hopeful that this could work out.

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