Sunday, April 24, 2016

Family Update

Since a lot has changed for our family, I thought I'd pen an update on our family life. I will try to be careful about what I say, since kids have grown more and more aware of what their parents say about them in social media, and they're generally a little concerned. I can only do my best and hope it comes off fairly. I never felt that my parents' public comments about me were anything but honest, complimentary, and true to my own experience, so perhaps I'll successfully follow that model.

My husband has finally graduated from his PhD program. He's taken a job at a small liberal arts college. We have moved out of my parents' home, and bought a house here on Main Street in a small town just a few miles from the school. We finally have an income and INSURANCE! Real health insurance! Because my husband's income as a college professor is modest and thus our family's income is modest, the kids do qualify for the state health insurance plan, which I have some mixed feelings about.

The Pious one, my first-born, whose birth was the longest and most difficult of all four, is now 6 years old. He's got new friends and new activities in our new town, though he misses his grandparents, too. We teach him at home, and I would say he falls somewhere between first and second grade in most subjects. Sometimes it's hard to know where he stands, since our curriculum falls somewhere between things I remember learning and enjoying at that age, things I and the state of Maryland Board of Education think he should know, and things that interest him.

Braveheart, my second-born, whose birth was induced but pretty easy, is now 5 years old. He's also got new friends and new activities in our town, and also misses his grandparents. He's probably most defiant of all my boys, but also surprisingly loyal. We haven't begun formal schooling with him, and we'll start this fall.

The Statesman, my third-born, who is missing a kidney and helped me avoid induction with the shortest of my four labors, is now 3 years old. He is very affectionate towards me, often telling me he loves me and that he wants to go everywhere I do. He's learning some important practical skills these days, noticing patterns, and trying to memorize the rules.

The Scholar, my fourth-born, whose birth was painful, will turn two in a couple of months. He was so unhappy the first few months of his life, but has really become a smiley, talkative, and strong little boy. He's constantly on the go, and mostly learning what happens when he falls down, runs too fast, or climbs too high.

So that's our update. I'm very happy here, too. The pace of life is slower. People tell me small-town life will wear on my eventually, and that might be true. But for now, I'm enjoying the liberties of a slow pace quite a lot. I don't have an endocrinologist here, since when I tried to schedule my appointment, it was going to take many months to get one. I'm going to see if a general family practitioner can meet my needs for now, since I do pretty well managing my own insulin pump levels. The CDE I met with at first doesn't feel comfortable with the Dexcom system, so I'll have to find someone else for when I do need help. I am trying to arrange a long-distance situation with my newly-minted CDE friend and former co-blogger, Jenn, so that my own ideas about my care don't become an echo chamber. I'll let you know how it works out!

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