Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Learning NFP

I have no idea how many of you are unmarried, and I would gather the answer is probably, "not many." But just in case there are a few single, Type I diabetics who come across this blog with some curiosity, and they  are interested in natural methods of preventing pregnancy as well as natural methods of giving birth, I'd highly recommend learning fertility awareness before marriage!

I stumbled upon natural family planning during college. I was a summer intern with a pro-life organization in DC. I was definitely on board with the anti-abortion part, but squeamish about some of my Catholic co-workers' opposition to contraception. At first, I was all like, "no way. Don't touch my birth control." And then this young woman literally took 20 minutes of her time to explain it to me, and I came away absolutely convinced that it was the only way I would even consider preventing pregnancy. All before we had even started work in one morning! I began charting during college, about two years before I got married, and I was really glad that I had all that extra learning in me before preventing conception would actually depend on it in marriage.

Highlights of natural family planning, from my perspective: knowledge of your body, respect for and attention to your body's natural patterns, and lack of side effects from hormonal contraceptives. Relationally, it's very affirming to know that your husband is willing to patiently wait for you, and sacrifice his desires for your good, every month. I also wrote a whole post about why it's not absurd here. I also wrote a bit about charting after you've had a baby here, here, and here.

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