Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 8

What I learned this week: raking leaves will make you aware of muscles you didn't know you had, and it will also make your blood sugars wacky! I don't recall blood sugars at this point in pregnancy being too crazy with the last three, so I'm pretty sure it had to do with the way my body was burning fat to keep all the muscles in my core from falling apart.

We shared our news more broadly this week with family first, then friends. My father's reaction to the news of this pregnancy bolstered my confidence in spreading the word. But it also made me sad to tell one woman I know who has had great difficulty conceiving. She said nothing, but I can imagine how the loss might sting her. It also made me nervous to tell one man I know who recently remarked, in my hearing, that five-child families who live in a messy house "probably have too many kids." His reaction to my news was polite.

I can also never figure out how to tell Facebook. Should I be saccharine? Should I express some of the anxiety I feel about welcoming another baby, you know, just to keep it real? Should I quote Jim Gaffigan? Should I make a joke at the expense of my third, who is becoming a middle child? I don't know, all of these just seem inadequate:

"They say middle children are the most well-adjusted adults. I'm sure [the Statesman] will thank us in a few years!" [This makes it sound like, de facto, our son will not be happy to have a little sibling. I don't think that's true.]

"So excited to welcome #4 in June!" [A little devoid of anything but substance.]

"[The Pious One]: If it's a girl baby, we should buy some girl clothes for it.
"Me: What color?
"[TPO]: Pink.
"Me: What pictures should they have on them?
"[TPO]: Trucks and cars.
"If you know where we can find such a clothing item, let me know by June!"
[Cute, but might make it seem like we already know we're having a girl. Not to mention, likely to confuse people who may think they missed a pregnancy announcement several weeks ago.]

"Anyone out there offloading a minivan? Because we're going to need one starting in June! Baby #4 on the way!" [Sounds desperate. Because we are. On second thought, maybe this one's a winner...]

"Do you want to know what it's like to have a fourth child? Just imagine you're drowning, then someone hands you a baby. - Jim Gaffigan
"And I haven't even had the baby yet...!"
[True, but not exactly uplifting. Also makes it seem like I'm not grateful that I have a baby, or that I'm not prepared to have a baby. Both of which are true at some times, but I try my best to make these sentiments the non-dominant ones.]

It's hard to address a massive group of people, all of whom are approaching the question of me having a fourth baby with a different perspective. I can imagine the "Likes" I'll get from some people for some of these, or for others. I guess the news that you're having another baby is almost always bound to go over pretty well, even if you flub up the delivery. I'd just like it to be sweet, perhaps a little humorous, positive, encouraging, and honest.

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