Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 6

Seriously? I'm still only on week 6? Oh man, this is going to be one long pregnancy.

So it turns out that I never actually told my husband that we were taking an NFP risk during last month's cycle. Of course we couldn't say for sure whether we would have done things differently, and babies are babies are babies no matter how they come into the world, but it does set a different emotional stage for the parents of said child. I am extremely grateful for a husband who simply shrugs his shoulders and says, "Eh, we'll figure it out." I'm going to be changing diapers and folding laundry for the foreseeable future no matter what happens, but his education plans are hanging in the balance. Every time something big happens, we have to think about moving out, and we have to talk about money, and his income is the only one our family has. If we needed it, he would quit school and find an unrelated job just to make things work. So his flexibility in this regard demonstrates a posture of welcome towards children, and shows that he's a good man.

Speaking of gratitude for someone who shrugs his shoulders and says, "Eh, we'll figure it out," I was pleased to hear my father say the exact same thing. Literally! Here I was, all worried about the conversation that would inevitably need to happen about the space we're living in (theirs!) and whether they think they can handle another small person in it. But he preempted the conversation entirely with these words: "We'll figure it out." What a gracious response from a man whose happy retirement has been taken over by shrieking toddlers.

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