Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 3 1/2

I found out that I was pregnant ridiculously early this time around. I ovulated (and conceived) on September 28. I began to feel a bit fatigued, nauseated, and had to visit the ladies' room more frequently within a week. My blood sugars had also begun to spike over night.

So I was quite certain of pregnancy by October 6, but a pregnancy test that day came up negative. October 9: two lines.

For me, time always seems to drag those first few days after a positive pregnancy test. All mental energy suddenly shifts to the new baby, and all the plans for accommodating said baby. It is so absorbing. And yet, you hardly feel like you can tell anyone because it's too soon between the risk of miscarriage and all the questions about your plans to which you do not yet have an answer (where will the baby sleep? I don't know, do you have any good suggestions?). You are completely turned inward upon yourself and your thoughts (now we REALLY need a minivan. Where will we get the money to buy a minivan?). You are probably pretty crabby, and you can't even tell anyone why. I think it's pretty miserable! It's been a half a week in real time, but feels like I've been pregnant forever...and I can't even complain to every friend, family member, and random stranger I meet.

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