Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Merry Christmas to You and Yours

While I was sitting at midnight mass on Christmas, it struck me that there is something special about sons. Mary is prophesied as "the virgin who will give birth to a son." Somehow, the fact that the child was male was important enough to include in the prophesy. In a way, it's just another detail of life...but in another way, it's a special detail.

Now of course I'm no Mary, but I have been abundantly blessed with sons. This year, I'm thinking about how special they are. Not because they are simply my children, but because they are my sons. Not in spite of their sex, but because of it. Not because they are simply human, but because they are a special kind of human called "boy."

My reflections haven't gotten much deeper than that yet, but I'm working on it. I'm trying to appreciate the special thing which is maleness, since most often, I myself and others with whom I discuss the subject very often associate it with a) mess, b) destruction, and c) violence.

And, lest you think I have no appreciation for the category of humanity "woman," I leave you with some Christmas meditations from Saint Augustine (courtesy of my husband, who insisted on reading one of his Christmas sermons to me):

"Let men and women alike rejoice, for Christ, the Man, was born and He was born of a woman; thus, each sex was honored. Now let the honor accorded to the first man before his condemnation pass over to this second Man. A woman brought death upon us; a woman has now brought forth life." 

"The heavens cannot contain him, a woman carried him in her bosom.
"She was ruling our ruler, carrying the one in whom we are, suckling our bread..."Omnipotence was ruling the mother on whom infancy was depending..."

(St. Augustine, Sermon 184)

Anyone else have a significant parenting revelation over Christmas? May these days be a cause for rejoicing, whatever your faith!

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