Wednesday, September 26, 2012


PROOF that pregnancy weight gain and loss is often totally out of your control.

After my most recent pregnancy, I had gained 35 pounds. By about 6-8 weeks, I had shed about 25 of it, was hoping to lose a total of 15 more pounds (to put me at 135, about 5 pounds under pre-pregnancy weight...hey, I can dream, can't I?), but those last several pounds were just hanging on for dear life. I felt like I was eating very responsibly, avoiding snacks, not going back for seconds, doing the Paleo thing with and for my dad, and occasionally going on walks when I was finally able to herd my cats into a mobile stroller/Radio Flyer wagon/Moby wrap/baby Bjorn unit.

By the way, I really think that going to the grocery store with all three children should count as exercise. Seriously. I have to lift those groceries a total of 6 times (off the shelf into the cart, out of the cart onto the belt, off the belt into the cart again, out of the cart into the trunk, out of the trunk into the house, off the counter to their appropriate places). That is no small feat with a baby strapped to my chest.

Anyway, so for the last two months, I've been stepping on the scale every few days, just to see what was happening. I knew that I would experience blood sugar spikes in conjunction with weight loss. I assume that's from unpredictable fat burn that's not covered by my normal basal rates and boluses, and it's a trend I've noticed during the last two years. In any case, the spikes never came, and the scale stayed stuck on one number for months.

Then, suddenly, within the last few days, with my baby at 3 1/2 months, I did nothing different but, lo and behold, I had several blood sugar spikes over 2-3 days. Out of curiosity, I decided to step on the scale and, sure enough, I lost 5 pounds.

Did I mention that I haven't done anything different?

Still eating the same things, still sleeping normally, still occasionally herding cats into a mobile stroller/Radio Flyer wagon/Moby wrap/baby Bjorn unit. Nothing different. And, like magic, the five pounds disappeared.

So, I have no advice to you if you are trying to lose weight after having a baby. I guess just eat as healthfully as you can, exercise when possible, and wait and see, I guess!

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  1. Other than healthy diet, daily exercise there is no better advice to give for loss of weight after pregnancy!!

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