Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You May Have Noticed

You may have noticed that I was offline for a few days, and that is because I discovered something that creeped the heck out of me. Apparently two pornographic sites have posted links to this blog, and while I love visitors, I would rather pick lice out of my hair than entertain that kind of visitor with pictures and stories of myself and my children.

Now, I have tried very hard not to post anything exciting on this blog, either verbally or photographically, so it beats me why someone would come here looking for a thrill. I have no idea which post or posts might be the source of such unwanted attention. But alas, I suffered the incredible misfortune of clicking on each link on my "Traffic Sources" page...twice...just to be sure. And I'm still wishing I could wash the images off my eyeballs with soap.

So, I'm thoroughly confused, creeped out, and ready to shut this whole thing down. If you came here looking for something (or someone) to use for your own base pleasure, please just go somewhere else. If you came here looking for something (or someone) to use for your own base pleasure and instead found some things that made you laugh or think, then feel free to stay. And maybe let me know that you didn't find what you came looking for, so that I can be confident I'm not giving anyone a reason to sin.

If anyone else has a blog and knows how this might have happened or what I can do about it, please e-mail me (beth dot g dot turner at gmail dot com). For now, I'm going to delete all the pictures of myself, Jenn, and our children, and keep track of this for the next week or so. I may take it down permanently, but I'll give you warning if I do.

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