Monday, August 6, 2012


If you've been reading for a while, you may have noticed some changes on the blog.

First, Jenn has decided to spend a little more time with her family and not blog for a while. I am secretly hoping that she will come back in time, mostly so that I don't feel guilty about stealing time away from my own family. But in any case, until further notice, you won't see posts from her. She will be missed!

Second, I changed the layout, so hopefully it will be easier to find your favorite posts, and visitors will be able to find the most interesting things quickly (birth stories, anyone?!).

Third, I need a new name! Does anyone have suggestions? "Type I Diabetes and Natural Childbirth" seems too clunky, even if it basically gets to the point. On the other hand, I sometimes have a hard time pinning down exactly what I mean by "natural childbirth," since what I mostly hope for women is that they'll be able to have a vaginal birth, and I tend to think that fewer interventions is a better way to make that happen. I also sometimes write about things that are unrelated to Type I diabetes. "Diabetic Mommy" is already taken, as is "Diabetic Mama." So, I'm taking suggestions to capture the full gamut of topics I like to write about. In the meantime, here are some possible alternatives:

Diabetic Birth (just like our web address)

Diabetes and Pregnancy (since I spend much more time writing about pregnancy than birth...speaking of which, does anyone have a birth story to share?)

Diabetes and Natural Childbirth (I feel like this is a little bit of a misnomer since I really only write about Type I diabetes)

Healthy Diabetes, Healthy Birth (this is the one that comes closest to being what I like, but it also seems a little clunky)

Or is a name change unnecessary? What do you think about blog naming? Should I try for something catchy? Funny? Edgy? Not totally related to subject matter?

Anyway, I'll keep thinking about it. 

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  1. How about "Confessions of a Sugar Momma" ????