Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chapter 6: In Which I Am "Unbounced"

You probably have no idea what I mean by these vague chapter references to Winnie-the-Pooh, because probably no one spends as much time reading Winnie-the-Pooh as I do. But just trust me, when you check out the book on tape from the library and it's the only one your 3-year-old wants to listen to, you're going to listen to it a lot. You may, in fact, start imagining the titles of all your blog posts a la A.A. Milne.

Anyway, the reference of my title for this post is a chapter "In Which Tigger Is Unbounced." In it, Rabbit concocts a plan to take the energetic Tigger down a notch. He is too bouncy, according to Rabbit and, so Rabbit's theory goes, he needs to be made to feel small and sad for just a moment to get rid of his bounces.

Well, it's my turn to feel just a little small and sad. It turns out that the maternal-fetal specialist was right, and the Statesman has a multicystic dysplastic kidney.

I was extremely frustrated with her when I left off, but I'm thinking that, in the spirit of humility, I may write her a letter to let her know how the birth went, send her a picture of him, tell her about what we've learned about his kidneys, and let her know that she eventually did get around to the right diagnosis. It might help her in the future, and it would certainly serve as a humble reminder to me.

We've gone in for lots of testing since he was born. A renal ultrasound, which showed persistent hydronephrosis on both sides and renal cysts on the right. A voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG), which involves a urinary catheter and, no matter how sweet the tech is (and ours was very sweet!), will hurt your child. A Mag 3/Lasix nuclear study, which involves injecting radioactive dye into your child's blood stream while said child is wrapped up in the mother of all velcro swaddles. Oh, and a blood draw to measure creatinine. I never thought a blood draw on a one-month-old baby would a nearly forgettable experience...

In reality, this is what it looks like with your baby all strapped up for the Mag 3/Lasix renal scan:

 The fourth trimester is not supposed to involve needles and radioactive dye.

So the only thing I know right now is that his right kidney is completely non-functional, but I think his left one is pretty normal (except for the hydronephrosis). That, and he is super-fat and happy.

We'll know more soon.

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