Friday, June 1, 2012

Week 38: Busy Week

This is about the time of pregnancy, I've decided, when it's best to distract myself and pretend that what's about to happen to me is NOT not literally about to happen. Because really, everyone will understand if I don't show up for that play date, and I'd rather not sit at home simply WAITING for something that might happen today or two weeks from today.

Don't get me wrong. I'm doing plenty of sitting around, when I'm at home. I go to bed early, even when the laundry hasn't been folded. I ask for a ton of help. And I don't apologize or get mad anymore (at myself or the kids!) when I can't pick someone up or get to the grocery store with both toddlers in tow.

But this week, I made sure to keep myself busy with:
  • A trip to a local monastery to celebrate the last few days of the month of May, a time when we remember and honor Mary especially
  • A trip to the zoo to celebrate The Pious One's birthday
  • Having a dinner guest
  • Long walks
  • Preparing food to freeze for after the birth of the Statesman
  • Doctor's appointments (not terribly exciting, but it at least keeps me busy)
I don't expect any fireworks before June 15, and probably later (unless I need to be induced). I'm moving more slowly, but I'm still moving, and I don't plan to stop until I have to.

I think I am over the emotional hurdle that I faced several weeks ago. I'm no longer kicking and screaming about the fact that I'm already tired (in spite of the fact that the baby has not been born yet), I'm already hurting (in spite of the fact that the baby has not been born yet), and that it's only going to get worse (once the baby has been born).

Speaking of tired and hurting, does anyone else find that they are literally awake every hour during the night? To turn over, go to the bathroom, get a drink of water? How is that possible? I get about 2-3 hours of deep sleep and then spend the rest of the night in a restless half-doze. I either forgot about that or it's new this pregnancy.

So, resigned to my state, I move forward until I can't any more. Anyone want to come over for dinner in the next two weeks? I'm sure you'll understand if I have to cancel...

38 WEEK ADDENDUM: I visited my doctors yesterday, and thought I'd include some stats measured over the last few weeks, largely for my own reference in the future. The only significant fact from my visit is that my blood pressure is borderline to hypertension, which may be the cause of OR result from the mild headache I've had for a few days, but that everything else looks pretty good. My OB told me that the blood pressure number they worry about most is the bottom number, the diastolic (not sure why), and that number is much closer to acceptable than the systolic.

36 weeks: amniotic fluid 10.something, blood pressure 118/60-something, weight 172.something
37 weeks: amniotic fluid 8.something, blood pressure 124/60-something, weight 172.something
38 weeks: amniotic fluid 9.something, blood pressure 137/77, 132/76, and 130/88, weight 174.something

Another interesting thing I learned about amniotic fluid is that it tends to go down during the last few weeks of pregnancy, but that usually anything above 5 is OK unless it's trending downward consistently and rapidly.

Further, about the blood pressure: being uncomfortable (having a headache, for example) can artificially raise your blood pressure. Blood pressure naturally rises somewhat during pregnancy, as I mentioned, my OB said the bottom number is more important to them. Blood pressure plus back-of-the-head headaches with pain shooting down the neck and/or blurry or bright spots in your vision are more concerning than simple elevated blood pressure.

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