Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ha, I bet I almost fooled you again, making you think I had actually given birth to a baby this week! I'm pretty sure some of you probably thought that when you saw the title of my Thursday post. When I left the doctor's office last week and she told me to "call if anything exciting happens," I thought about calling them to tell them about my awesome trip to the zoo this week, and the tasty dinner I made on Wednesday, just to make clear that I do not expect any fireworks here before my due date!

In any case, today I begin my 29th year (for those of you keeping track, that means I'm 28 years old). Happy birthday to me! Today, we will have a birthday party to celebrate the birth of my nephew on Wednesday, the end of my oldest son's third year, and my own 28th. It's a good week for our family.

Last year, I wrote a little bit about what it was like when I was first diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 9, and a little bit about growing through teenage years and into early adulthood with diabetes.

[Imagine a picture of me 37 weeks pregnant. I'm not going to post it because of that issue that I had, having my blog linked to from a pornographic site. Bleck.]

I think one of the funniest things about being 37 weeks pregnant is trying to take a flattering self-portrait. I propped my digital camera up on the book shelf and...well, I didn't include the outtakes for a reason!

I hope it's not the last picture like this that I get to take, and it's not because I think I'm about to be called up by a modeling agency, nor because I think pregnancy is just so awesome and easy. Nope. I just refuse to cave to the paranoia that a lot of people, especially doctors, seem to have about Type I diabetics having babies. Babies are way better than we give them credit for.

It's not easy, but sometimes it's a pain worth taking on again, and again, and again, and again...

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