Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 37: Full-Term and Full-o'-Baby

My belly feels like it's about to pop.

Literally, it feels like my belly button is pulling apart at the seam. I'm not sure if that's normal, but it's a searing pain that I live with every day and it gets worse every time I bend over to put on my shoes or pick up food off the floor. Good thing I don't drop food on the floor very often (because it lands on my belly and sits nicely on top) and spend most of the day barefoot...!

Yesterday, a woman asked me, "how are you feeling?" and the only thing I could think to respond was, "37 weeks pregnant?" She's a mom, so she understands. For those of you who haven't had children, let's just say, it's complicated.

I am so fortunate that everything is looking good. NSTs are normal, fundal height measurements are normal, amniotic fluid is normal, blood pressure is normal, weight gain (this week, anyway) is normal. The maternal-fetal specialist was concerned that the amniotic fluid had dropped from 10.1 to 8.2 or something like that, but apparently above 5 is normal. Besides, it's apparently nearly impossible to get a good amniotic fluid reading when the baby is moving around a whole lot. And this baby moves as soon as he can sense the probe coming closer!

My doctor hasn't mentioned induction yet, and despite my discomfort, I'm OK with that. I think part of the reason my induction went so well last time was because I was already so far along (40w2d) and because I was already dilated nearly 5 cm, 90% effaced. I'm happy to give it as much more time as he feels comfortable giving it. I'm sure the maternal-fetal specialist would be happy to deliver on Monday, but fortunately it's not her call.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! I hope that, should my boys choose to serve in the military some day, they will give honorable service following the tradition of their grandfather and many thousands of our nation's soliders, and that they will be properly honored by the citizens of the country they serve.

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