Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 36: Cow, or Whale?

I think I have mentioned it a few times, but I was attempting to keep my weight gain down during this pregnancy to see if it would help with blood sugar management. Things had been going very well on this score for...well, basically the entire pregnancy. By week 34, I had gained something just shy of 25 pounds. With the Pious One and Braveheart, I gained some number rather closer to 50 pounds by the end of the pregnancy. So I was feeling pretty good about myself, thinking, "If I gain just one pound per week for the rest of the pregnancy, then that will be just about 30 pounds. Perfect, healthy, we'll see if it makes a difference in my blood sugars and blood pressure during these last few weeks, and in fitting back into my clothes after birth."

Then, I stepped on the scale at my doctor's office.

Eight pounds and two weeks later, my hopes of keeping weight gain modest during this pregnancy have taken a big hit. I am really having a hard time believing that I have put on ONE QUARTER of the additional poundage I acquired during this pregnancy in a period of TWO WEEKS. How is that even possible? I figure 1 pound of baby, perhaps 1.5 pounds of amniotic fluid and extra blood volume and... Yeah, that's still about 5.5 pounds of fat right there. I expect the jokes about looking like a whale or a cow to start really stinging now!

In any case, I visited with my OB and the maternal fetal specialist again on Friday. Everything looks fine. I'll get the results of my strep B culture next week. I think that the maternal-fetal specialist, realizing that she was going to have a hard time convincing me and my OB that I need to be induced at 38 weeks, decided to call the pediatric urologist to see if she could get him on her side. When I spoke with him a few months ago, he didn't seem to think that the hydronephrosis would warrant any special treatment of the pregnancy, including early delivery, unless amniotic fluid levels got wacky (which they are not).

My blood sugars are quite good. I tend low more often than I tend high (not surprisingly, I suppose), but even the lows are not terrible. I only have a few blood sugars during the week that are below 55, which is where I tend to draw the line and call a blood sugar "low" rather than "on the low side." I've gotten better at detecting a low before it happens, which means I can check and treat before the situation gets too serious.

I've slowed down my activity a little bit. I guess I've finally learned that the last few weeks of pregnancy is not the time to go full-steam ahead, particularly since there will be an abrupt halting of the engine at childbirth, anyway. I'm getting used to hanging out around the house, accepting the help of others, acknowledging my physical limitations, and budgeting more time for pretty much everything than I used to.

And, I'm going to see Brian Regan tonight! He has a sketch on what it's like to be a middle/younger child in a large family that is just laugh-out-loud funny. While you won't be able to watch his hilarious slapstick from the previous link, you will be able to listen to him make jokes about "finding a good activity" as a 4-year-old, at the direction of his mother, sibling conflict, breaking it to his mom that there had been an accident in the driveway, and calling the hump seat in the car. Hilarious. Happy early birthday to me, from my dad. :)

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