Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 35: Swing Low, Sweet Blood Sugar

I didn't post last Friday about my week because. Well. I think I was just tired. Pregnancy insomnia strikes again.

Last week was one of really serious changes to my blood sugar levels. I had been giving those little extra boluses after meals because I was subconsciously remembering the last time I ate lunch I was high after it, or because last time I drank that small amount of juice to cover a low my blood sugar was actually high an hour later, or because no matter how low my bolus ratio is at breakfast I still seem to turn up high 2 hours later...

So after about 10 days of doing this, I had a few days of what I would consider unacceptable ups and downs, between 150-200ish down to 40. I realized that I needed to make wholesale changes to my insulin regimen, rather than trying to do some wacky compensation with my eating habits and manual boluses.

I increased basal rates across the board (adding anywhere from 0.6 units/hour to 0.4 units/hour), decreased my insulin sensitivity (from 1:25 down to 1:10!), and increased all my bolus ratios (down 1-2 grams of carb per unit).

So, swing low, sweet blood sugar. I am a happier person carrying a little bit of food with me everywhere, checking my blood sugar every hour to see if I am correctly feeling low, and sneaking a small amount of Gatorade from time to time, than biting my nails and forcing myself to wait until 2 hours after a meal to check what I anticipate will certainly be a higher blood sugar than I want it to be.

I'm hoping that will be the last set of major changes I have to make (but I think I said that last time, too), so I will keep you posted. :) Grow, baby, grow!

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