Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 27: Insulin Resistance and Growth Spurts

Has anyone else noticed that they have growth spurts every 3-4 weeks during pregnancy? If someone goes without seeing me for a month, it's almost guaranteed that, upon seeing me again, they will comment on how much larger I look.

I notice it when I look down at my belly, too. Every few weeks, over the course of a day or two, I will look down and notice that my belly is more...forward. It's poking out a little more, and I can't get quite as close to the sink as I used to. And then a few days after that, some difficulty controlling blood sugars and a somewhat increased appetite, I'll notice that my belly is now more forward AND wider. After that, I hop on the scale, and sure enough, I've put on about 3 pounds.

That happened this week. I raised my bolus ratios and basal rates for the first time in a few weeks, since my postprandials were a little high and my regular afternoon fasting period (which isn't a strict fasting period, but I go longer between lunch and dinner than I do between breakfast and lunch) was also a little elevated.

I hope the little man inside is growing, too, and not just my abdomen!

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