Friday, February 3, 2012

Week 21: I have no theme

I think I have finally recovered from the trouble I had over Christmas and through the first two weeks of January. My blood sugars have been very stable (with a few lows still in the late morning), and my last A1C was 5.5, from January 16. My bolus ratios are all 1:9, and I have elevated basal rates during the 3 hours before waking and 3 hours after lunch.

My brother and sister-in-law came over last weekend and I found it really helpful to puzzle through my recent negative experiences with my endocrinologist. My brother asked the question which my endocrinologist should have asked: "What kind of changes do you think you can make to correct these low blood sugars? How can you or your family make this easier?" It surprised me, but the answer came right out: "I could just hang around the house more often in the mornings, so that if my blood sugar gets low, I will be close to the food and Gatorade I need." When I think about why that's not happening, I realize it's because I actually just want to leave the house. My family responsibilities are not sending me out, since my kids don't have any scheduled activities, and about the only thing I ever need to do is go to the grocery store and doctor's appointments. In fact, my kids seem to enjoy hanging around the house. I think I could exert some discipline over my desire to get out, or at least plan shorter outings (go to mass and come home, rather than go to mass, and the grocery store, and the local park...). So that will be a project for the rest of pregnancy.

I had an appointment with my OB this week. They hadn't received the report from my comprehensive ultrasound, so I had to report everything as I had understood it. The nurse practitioner at my OB's office seemed to agree with me, though, that it probably wouldn't be that big a deal. She said that, more than anything in OBs, they look at trends, rather than measurements at a single point in time. I told her about the growth ultrasound with my first baby that landed me in the hospital overnight. The next morning, a different ultrasound at a different clinic showed that the baby was fine. In any case, I have another ultrasound to look at baby's kidneys, amniotic fluid, choroid plexus cysts, and any other indicators of chromosomal defect tomorrow.

The weather was so unusually warm this week, and I felt a nesting mood coming on. I rearranged the boxes we have stored in my parents' attic, and isolated all the baby stuff that had been put away as my second son outgrew it. Now that I know we're having another boy, I can start picking through all of the baby boy clothes we have!

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