Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is it really harder this time, or is this just a hard time?

Things have been up and down, up and down for the past 4 weeks, with Christmas, travel, and our return to something kind of like normal. I've been feeling pretty discouraged about it. I can't tell you how many times I've adjusted my bolus ratios and basal rates, but I still don't feel very confident about where they are now. I'm at 1:10 for breakfast, 1:11 and lunch and 1:9.5 for dinner. My basal rate is 0.65 over night, 1.20 from 5:30a to 8:00a, and 0.90 during the afternoon (I've had some moderate late afternoon highs, in the 180s range).

The uncontrollable highs started it, while we were traveling, over Christmas. Last week, after the stomach bug and my near-death experience in the bathtub, I had more 2-digit blood sugars that began with the number "3" than I am comfortable admitting. I can't really explain the lows, except maybe to say that I was eating a little less than usual during my stomach bug recovery.

So these are the facts: The last four weeks have been hard. And I've been anxious. The pregnancy itself is otherwise fine, but diabetes is making it hard. At the end of this pregnancy, I might be eating humble pie, because I wrote the opposite a few months back.

I'm hoping, though, that after the baby is born and I'm getting some sleep again, I'll be able to look back and say this was a blip, a problem I solved (or at least limped through), and a variation of normal for me as a Type I diabetic. After all, whether I'm pregnant or not, I'm constantly noticing blood sugar trends and making small adjustments to improve my numbers. Is this really all that different? It may just be the anxiety that's killing me (although getting into the bathtub when your blood sugar is 30 is never a good idea).

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