Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Next Week: Feeling Pregnant

I'm definitely feeling pregnant this week. A headache here, a little can't-keep-my-eyes-open there, and a little please-put-that-away-or-I-might-puke-on-you. I am terribly worried about my blood sugars, but as I recall, it wasn't much different the last two times I did this.

Saturday, October 15:
I was reminded today that I am pregnant because when I sat down my belly bubbled up over my waistband and into my crossed forearms. Also, I had a pump problem in the evening. I think my site was kinked. Putting the catheter in my belly may be a problem throughout pregnancy. I do remember it being an issue for a few months after the other two kids were born, and early on in pregnancy with my second son.

Sunday, October 16: As a result of the pump problem, my blood sugars ranged between 40 and 270 over night and into the morning, and didn't finally stabilize until after mass. I like to call this my diabetic hangover. You know, since I'm not allowed to drink alcohol now. It makes me feel cool...or something.

Monday, October 17: No news today. I'm glad I don't feel very sick, and even though I'm tired from getting up early in the morning to run, I resolve not to take a nap in the afternoon so I can actually sleep when night falls. I love collapsing exhausted into bed, and I love sleeping hard all night.

Tuesday, October 18: I eat my words about feeling sick and not napping during the day. Today I had a mild headache, bout of nausea, and extreme fatigue, and I felt like I couldn't stand up. I absolutely had to take a nap while the boys had theirs. We leave for the wedding tomorrow. I spent the rest of today packing and searching for outfits to hide my bulge.

Wednesday, October 19: Sure enough, I slept poorly last night, no doubt from my afternoon nap. Today is our travel day. Travel days are always hard on my blood sugar, particularly hard when I'm pregnant.

Thursday, October 20: Travel day wasn't too bad for my blood sugars, though I did feel more fatigued and more nauseated than usual. We have fun on the beach today.

Friday, October 21: I'm doing a pretty good job keeping the BGs under control. Feeling good about this. We have more fun on the beach today, and my boys' cousins show up (along with my sisters and brother and their spouses). The only thing that would make this vacation more fun is if my husband were here!

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