Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good News!

And there it is, a picture of our good news! I'm 10 and a half weeks pregnant today and pretty excited to finally share that with you all. This pregnancy has been VERY challenging already, I can't remember EVER feeling this awful in my last two pregnancies... I've decided I must be one of those women for whom each pregnancy gets worse.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers since I last mentioned our family's desire for another baby. Despite the sickness, things seem to be going well, although we really wont know much till we get to that big ultrasound around 22 weeks.

This is our first pregnancy in NC, so I've had to find a doctor, after getting a definite "no" from the midwives a few months ago. I think the practice we choose will be fine for me on baby number three, however, I'd never recommend them to a first time mama hoping to go natural ;) More on that later though.

I came down with a nasty fever virus around 7 weeks and I'm pretty sure that was the source of most of my awfulness that I described above. I think my body was just like...diabetes, no thyroid, a baby, and a fever for 3 days, add on NO food and my body said "I quit" lady. My dear husband has been wonderful, having to do SO much more around the house and for the children this pregnancy since I can't cook AT ALL :( I'm VERY thankful for him these days!

I feel like this post is ALL over the place, please forgive me, I am SO excited to share this pregnancy with you all, and am not going to lie, hoping to lean on each other a bit for that last push at the end, because the thought of labor is just a bit much right now!! :)

Here's to hoping for more organized posting on what's going on with the diabetes and baby next posting! Jenn


  1. Congratulations! I look forward to reading about your latest baby journey! :)

  2. we hope you feel better soon!