Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Fired...

It's true, I got fired by my doctor today. Boy, that came out of no where! This was my second prenatal visit, the first had been highly encouraging 4 weeks ago...

At the practice I'm currently seeing, you see one of the 4 doctors each time you go for a visit since they have a call schedule for delivery and you never know who you will get the day you labor. Doc #1 was very laid back about the "dia-bets", he even went as far as to say, I would most likely do better than most "normal" pregnant women. I was thinking, alright! I've lucked up, this practice might be ok.

Then I went for my 14 week appointment today. Thankfully, I didn't have much to report to doc, my nausea subsided around 10 weeks and hasn't bothered me too much since. The fatigue diminished around the same time and other than some evening heart burn I'm feeling pretty good for a pregnant lady these days.

I reported about my visit with the endocrinologist this past Monday... My A1C continues to trend down (it was 7.3 when I conceived, then was 6.5 around 10 weeks and is now down to 6.3). My endocrinologist is seeing me every two weeks, for which I am VERY grateful because since we are new to one another, we still have so kinks to work out in how he will manage me and our communication, etc.

We didn't even talk about my thyroid, although I did have some questions about that because things went south pretty quickly after I told him that I had a few questions about labor and delivery since I was new to this hospital and practice with baby #3.

I began with the simple question first (now remember, this is the FIRST time I've gotten to ask questions of this practice, my first visit lasted 2 hours and was all THEM talking at me really- maybe this should have caught my attention).... do you only deliver at "Hospital X"? I asked because "Hospital Y" is 2 minutes from my home and a smaller hospital that I do not think has a NICU, but Hospital X is a good 30 minutes from my home. The doctor smiled, laughed and said, yes, only Hospital X.

Ok, now what sort of expectations do you have about diabetic births, I asked. Doctor responded: "we induce between 38 and 39 weeks, But given your history of the tear with your first baby, I don't think you need to be delivering a baby that is larger than 8lbs, so we will take that into consideration, also, a scheduled c-section may be the best option."

I think I wanted to scream at him, but despite my usual lack of calm in these situations, I was able to remain very calm and ask him my questions that followed that absurd statement. "Now, I've had 2 vaginal births, one without any interventions, why do think I should have a c-section. And also, I'm not willing to induce before 40 weeks unless there is some good indication."

Doctor didn't say anything. So I continued, "ok, lets say I'm in labor and the physician on call orders my water to be broken or pitocin, and I decline what would happen in a situation like this?"

Doctor says " I think you need to find a practice where they will let you call the shots, this is not a practice like that, and it sounds like you can't trust us."

I back peddle...." I didn't say I needed to call the shots, but I am the one having the baby, right?"

Doc says something along the lines of we will deal with this later and says he will see me in 4 weeks and quickly leaves the room.

I was stunned and angry now, I made my way through check out quickly before the tears started... stupid pregnancy tears, they just come whenever they want, it's like there's no way NOT to cry when you're pregnant. :) I called the hubs and relayed the story, he was so kind and encouraging. He said we would find another doctor, not to worry, I of course can't NOT worry because this is "the" practice that everyone in town goes to and expects me to go to, especially my mother in law, super.

I came home and immediately called the Midwifery practice to see who they would recommend. The gave me the number to their overseeing physician who also has a new partner, I haven't heard back from them yet, but they are my best hope at this point.

It seems after making some more calls to local OB offices that "in town transfers" are not accepted per many offices policy. Grrr. So, I'm praying I'm not stuck, although, worried that I may be.

I promise to write about bloodsugars this pregnancy soon, baby is nudging me right now!!! YAY :) that can always make you smile when things seem crazy. Praying that the Lord lead me to the right Doctor soon! jenn

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  1. How frustrating. It's amazing how one doctor can look at your history and see it fraught with all kinds of potential danger and another doctor may look at it and say, "beautiful! In all likelihood, you're going to do great."

    Amazing, too, how some OBs just can't handle ANY input from their patients.