Monday, October 3, 2011

Fat Babies

Well, I'm coming up against this idea a lot, and I still don't have any idea what to do about it the next time I have a baby.

The article describes a study indicating that eating sweets in the first trimester = big baby. This is not only a problem for diabetic women, but it may be one thing that makes our babies big. I, for one, get lots of lows during pregnancy. My insulin ratios are so high that I am almost guaranteed to be running a low blood sugar two hours after a meal of any reasonable size (that is, if I want my blood sugars to be on target). I have to do SOMETHING about the lows, and I usually end up with the old diabetic stand-by, juice.

Another problem is that I get high blood sugars if I don't eat enough, so I can't just get into the habit of eating teeny-tiny meals. Random spikes at 3:00 in the afternoon, 3:00 in the morning, dawn phenomenon, or whenever else my body is feeling sorry for itself. When I'm not well-nourished, that baby sucks glycogen out of my liver like its his job. Which I guess it sort of is...

Does anyone have any practical solutions to this problem? I'm tempted to go with the Gatorade solution that I discovered last pregnancy, not the least of which is because Gatorade has less sugar per ounce than most juices. But Gatorade can sometimes come in awkward portions (I mean, who did they make it for, anyway, athletes?), meaning I'll probably just end up consuming the same amount of carbs but with an extra 7.9 ounces of fluid.

Should I try a high-fat diet? A high-fat diet without ice cream sounds like running on a treadmill while watching a Food Network show...about ice cream. And let's be honest, despite what "they" say, unless you consume a meal high in fat AND in carbs (pizza and Chinese food are the two that come to mind, and the two that Minimed always uses to describe its dual- and square-bolus functions), it will NOT keep your blood sugar up for hours at a time.

Well, my babies were both healthy, even if on the large side. But I will keep looking for solutions to this problem. I will also keep trying to resist the temptation to drink milkshakes and those delicious Starbucks drinks that people who drink real coffee sneer at (perhaps the more important of the two).

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  1. I LOVE the gatorade solution... I've been using it and it seems to do MUCH better than juice, thanks for the tip, Beth!