Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pregnancy Weight

This was a special week for me. I stepped on the scale and I was finally back at my pre-pregnancy weight! Hooray!

I gained between 45 and 50 pounds during each of my two pregnancies. After my first, I had just barely lost the weight when I found out I was pregnant again. In fact, I didn't actually own a bathroom scale and the only reason I knew that I had lost it all was because I went for my initial prenatal visit of the second pregnancy and the scale read the exact same number that it had at the beginning of my first pregnancy. A few short weeks later, one of the few co-workers who knew I was pregnant smiled and whispered that I was starting to show a little bit (at 8 weeks). I groaned and told her that was the LAST thing I wanted to hear because I had only STOPPED looking pregnant 8 weeks before!

I lost about 25 pounds very quickly after my second pregnancy. I hung out there for about 6 weeks, then I lost another 15 over a few months. It took about 4 months to lose those last 10 pounds! My second son is now 8 1/2 months old. I haven't taken many active measures to lose the weight, except that I do try to avoid desserts on all but special occasions. Also, when my blood sugar is low, I try to drink only juice instead of eating more substantial (caloric) snacks between meals. That serves both my diabetes and my weight loss, and it keeps me healthy. I used to say that I didn't care how much weight I lost as long as I didn't have to buy a new wardrobe, but it turns out many of my clothes don't fit anyway. At least I did my part!

I have breastfed my son exclusively, and he continues to nurse 5-6 times a day. My mother swears that she lost her pregnancy weight within the first 6 months when she was breastfeeding, and she attributes that rapid weight loss to breastfeeding. I have a good friend who exclusively breastfed two children. She said that it took her a full 9 months to lose the weight both times. I have another friend who said she found it difficult to lose the last 5-10 pounds while she was still breastfeeding. I'm sure that all of these scenarios are normal, and I am just glad to be back at my normal weight before I jump on the roller coaster again.

By the way, have I mentioned that I'm really not pregnant again? I feel a need to keep making that disclaimer.

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  1. Congratulations Beth! that's awesome:) good feeling too I'm sure!