Monday, June 20, 2011


I visited my endocrinologist today and was dismayed to discover that he, too, advised against another pregnancy. He groaned when I told him that I planned to have more children, as though that were some burden to him. I groaned inwardly when he asked me to "please wait a while." What is he even worried about? My children and I are healthy. Does he think that he's going to have to pay for their college tuition or something?

A little history here. After we moved from St. Louis, back to my hometown, I returned to the same endocrinologist that I had seen since I was first diagnosed at age 9. He's a friend of my family, and has apparently always been in the business of being generally awkward about my fertility. Not that I really minded my dad knowing, I just didn't want to talk about my period while he was in the room when I was 14.

Next time, I plan to ask him how many children he thinks I should have and why. If he even comes up with a number that doesn't have anything to do with my health, I'm going to groan outwardly so he knows that the feeling is mutual. I'm quite confident that it doesn't have anything to do with concrete information about my body or my previous pregnancy history.

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