Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Giving Birth in a Hospital Still Scares Me

I heard a story the other day from a labor & delivery nurse about a woman who delivered a baby at a hospital by c-section, and guess what the doctor did without asking? The doctor STERILIZED the poor woman. As in, performed a tubal ligation. As in, tied her tubes. Without asking. Because, you know, the doctor was in there anyway and figured she didn't need any more children. Did I mention she did this without asking the woman's permission?

This is one of the many reasons that the combination of patronizing medical professionals and c-sections terrifies me. I just think to myself, what if that were me? What if somewhere down the road, when I'm having my 3rd, 4th, or 10th child, I have a c-section, and I show up at my 6 week postpartum visit and the doctor tells me, "Oh, by the way, while we were doing the c-section we went ahead and tied your tubes, because I figured pregnancy is just getting too hard for you and you should really focus on yourself now. You know, it's just too hard to be pregnant with diabetes."

I sure hope the doctor is planning to personally pay for the surgery performed and for the surgery to be reversed. Out of pocket. Maybe next time he/she will think twice about it. I also hope that, just in case, my husband learns how to recognize when someone is trying to sterilize me because, you know, I'm a diabetic and just don't need any more children.

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