Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes someone else says it better...

Today, I wanted to talk about labor pains; inspired by a beautiful post, once again over at Passionate Homemaking.

Beth has shared about moments when she knew it was time to embrace the pain of her labors. I, too, can relate to remembering the pains of labor; however, as I just re-read my last birth story, I couldn't help but notice I only used the word "pain" once, at the very end as I described the feeling of Audrey coming out of me. I believe so much of the pain of childbirth is perspective. When you have been taught that the pain is a good, natural part of the process and not to fear this pain, it can enable you to have a wonderful experience birthing your children. However, when you are surrounded by the culture of fear in which we live... it is difficult to understand this perspective, perhaps.

Think about it... everything surrounding babies and childbirth is ruled by fear... childproofing, CAMERAS to watch your babies while they sleep (creepy.), the "sleep sac" (because you are a bad parent if you cover your child with a blanket... I top that list since we love crocheted blankets for babies in our house), tricycles with seat belts (really?), and we all know that list is endless or BabiesRUs wouldn't exist. Not to mention the birth interventions motivated by fear... epidurals, perennial blocks, episotomies, and even inductions and c-sections occasionally (more frequently in the case of type one women like ourselves... have you heard statements motivated by fear such as "I'm just not sure you can birth a baby that size?").

I'm sorry to be linking to the same blog again, Passionate Homemaking. However, in her most recent post, Lindsay addresses beautifully the fear that pervasively surrounds birth in our culture. She opens by saying:

In this day and age, childbearing is often considered a thing to be feared. There is this overarching anxiety that we won’t be able to manage the pain of it all. We fear the baby being too large, or too small. We fear losing control. My desire here is to stop this train of thought that birthing is a thing to fear, encourage us to step back, and reflect on the beauty of the birthing process."

I hope you will find her words encouraging, she really manages to cover a lot of ground in the post!! I am very thankful for her thoughtful post on this topic. Best wishes to a relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy despite those medical providers around you who would rather you spend your time worrying and stressing apparently :)

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