Friday, May 13, 2011

I love stories like these...

Today, I was catching up on one of the blogs I enjoy reading, Passionate Homemaking. It has nothing to do with Diabetes, which, in my opinion is a good thing most days. In the post today, Lindsay, one of the authors shares about why she chooses to have her children at home. Linked later in the post is this story, about the birth of her first child.

This is a beautiful birth story. I love to read those, and thought you might enjoy it too. I love that the midwife delivered her first child fearlessly at home, breech. I'm pretty sure that most hospitals don't even allow breech vaginal deliveries these days, they are an automatic c-section. Which is just silly in my own opinion. Babies have been born for millennia breech without c-sections. (I know, I know...but jenn women and babies died all of the time during birth before medical intervention... Sure they did. And you know what, they STILL do. The US has one of the worst mortality rates for infants of all of the developed countries in the world... currently rank 33rd for infant mortality....the list is fascinating. And do you know what else we have... the highest rate of medical intervention at birth with about 92% of births attended by physicians and 90% of births with episiotomies and upwards of 30% with c-section.)

When I read stories like this one, I remember why I hope to one day have my babies at home. I'm still unsure about it all though with the diabetes, but I do want to continue conversations about the idea.

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  1. Those are lovely stories! She makes a lot of good points about what happens at home that doesn't happen in a hospital, especially about things that are difficult to quantify (privacy, freedom and the ability to relax).