Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday

At this time, two years ago, my husband and I were debating whether we should allow the nurse to perform an amniotomy (break my water). I was tired, and probably crying, and my husband kept trying to get me to get up and move around the room and/or squat to get contractions going (I resented that).

Today, we celebrate my first son's second birthday. Right now, he is napping, and pretty soon he'll wake up and I will take him outside to play in the sandbox, or splash in the makeshift pool I put together for him (under-bed storage bin + hose = funtastic!), or kick the orange ball into the goal, or do whatever else his little heart desires. I'll try to avoid that low blood sugar that creeps up on me when I'm having fun with my babies, and I will be very thankful that I have given birth to two healthy babies. I love being a mom!

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