Thursday, March 3, 2011

Type I Diabetes Risk in Children of Type I Diabetics

Though it's not related to natural childbirth, I thought these statistics were relevant and interesting. I worry a lot about my kids' health. For example, should I expect them to get diabetes because I have it? My Type I diabetic cousin's son was diagnosed with diabetes just before his second birthday. My little boy is approaching this age rapidly, so I worry about his health.

"Although the risk of developing type 1 DM is increased tenfold in relatives of individuals with the disease, the risk is relatively low: 3–4% if the parent has type 1 diabetes and 5–15% in a sibling (depending on which HLA haplotypes are shared). Hence, most individuals with type 1 DM do not have a first-degree relative with this disorder."

In other words, my children do have an increased risk of having Type I diabetes, but the risk is still very low.

The full text is here, if you're curious.

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