Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Update...

My silly persistence paid off. I decided to go on and inquire further with the local midwives... I sent them an email elaborating on my last two pregnancies and births. They called back the next day and we set up a "meet and greet" consultation.

I'm very happy to get to meet with a midwife and discuss the feasibility of her caring for me during a pregnancy and birth. My understanding of the "medical" needs of a woman with child have so evolved of the last few years and I am eager to now expand that understanding through conversations with a midwife.

As The Hubby and I start to consider having a third baby, we want to make sure all things are in order for my health again. I met with my endo two weeks ago... a bit of a disappointment for me. My A1C had climbed to an all-time high of 7.3. I told him I needed to get things under control because I was considering another babe, and he was so reassuring, telling me we could easily get things in shape, and, even better, that were I to become pregnant, it would be fine, "you know what you need to do, Jenn. " he said :)

I am so thankful for realistic and wise physicians like my endocrinologist here. He, himself, has lived with type one diabetes for over 45 years and is ALWAYS positive and encouraging when it comes to treatment and life with the disease. He offered to continue to manage my diabetes through a pregnancy, it seems that things are arranged differently for managing diabetic pregnant mama's here in the mountains.

So I have a lot to learn and even more work to do on the blood sugars in the coming weeks! I'll be sure to post more regularly since I've never gone about things this way before! ~jenn

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  1. good for you, jenn. i think persistence in this matter is definitely worth it. i'm getting sick and tired of working within (but mostly against) the medical model, and i, too, hope to have midwives attend my next birth.