Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Super Bummed.

So, it's been awhile since I, Jenn ;), have posted. Most of what I've had to talk about it opinion, not experience or fact, and I want to stay away from opinionated posts as much as I can since we are all entitled to our own thoughts.

I do have an experience to share today, however. I just got off of the phone with what I think must be one of the coolest pregnancy care providers around....They are located in Downtown Asheville and fit right in in this area! Although lay midwifery is not recognized in North Carolina, these ladies have chosen to go it BOTH the nurse midwifery AND lay midwifery tracks to allow themselves to practice legally in NC. They do both homebirths and hospital births and have an overseeing OB.

I was very much hoping to have a baby with these ladies at some point in the coming years, however, it seems the diabetes has "ruled me out". Again, SUPER BUMMED. I called to see if I might set up a consult with them just to get to know them and talk about my past two healthy, natural births and see if they might be able to take me on in the future, however, they do not care for high risk pregnancies.

I knew this was probable, but I was hoping that with my birthing history, I would be an exception to the rule. Call me crazy, but I was really thinking I would get to have the next baby at home, a pipe dream of mine. I'm trying to decide now if I let this be it, or if I pursue it some more with this group of midwives? I really, really wanted these ladies to help me have a baby because I LOVE everything about their model of care and understanding of pregnancy and birth. Thoughts, I really don't know what the right thing to do is.

Here's to my holding out hope, Jenn :)

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