Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Cool All Natural Birth Stuff

I wish I'd thought ahead to research more "natural" ideas about babies and birth than simply the labor itself when I was pregnant; but alas, I couldn't see past the Main Event ;) Thankfully, there are ladies who do, and I wanted to share this cool postpartum post on another blog I ran across today. I haven't read much of this blog at all, but this posting on how to make a homemade postpartum kit was very relevant to going natural with birth.

I was thinking about home births just a couple of days ago and wondering what you did if you birthed at home and didn't have a nurse tech to bring you one of those ice-packs and a "squirt bottle" like they do in the hospital (ps... if you haven't had a vaginal birth yet, this may make NO sense to you, but ask a friend who has, she will explain the ice pack and squirt bottle). :)

Anyhow, after reading Lindsay's post, I know what you do when you have a home birth to care for yourself! And if I give birth again, I think I might just prepare these remedies ahead of time for home or the hospital!

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