Monday, September 27, 2010

All I Really Want for Christmas

I love Minimed's Carelink program. I love charts, and graphs, and having a record of my blood sugars and insulin doses in one place. I think it improves my ability to care for myself. But I have a few gripes about it.

I really wish that Minimed would update Carelink so that it supported Macintosh's Safari internet browser. Anyone else with me? Currently, the only internet browser they support is Microsoft Internet Explorer. I would use it much more if Minimed would just make it a little easier to upload.

Also, there is something really annoying about having Carelink prepare "reports." It just seems like sometimes it takes 15 minutes for it to pop up with the .pdf. Isn't there a better way? Also, a way to customize reports so that you can pick and choose exactly which data points you want to see?

I have a good friend who wrote a proposal on these and other ways that Minimed might expand their Carelink software to make it more useful for diabetics and their care providers. For example: how cool would it be if your blood sugar meter sent your BG reading to your pump, your pump then sent it and all bolus information you enter to your cell phone, and then you could enter all the things you ate on your phone, and then your phone would send it up to Carelink?! That would be a dream. I have never been able to reliably write down everything I eat in a day, but if I had a way to enter it to my logbook at the same time I'm dialing up my insulin bolus, I would have a beautifully complete record.

If anyone wants to read this proposal, or try to convince Minimed to take it on, or do something similar themselves, let me know and I'll send it to you.

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  1. I'm on the Minimed as well, complete with CGM and I have to completely agree with this! It's sad that in this many years they still haven't done a good job of updating Carelink with the latest and greatest of things. It still takes forever to create reports and the fact that it seems to work with so limited of browsers (ahem, Chrome anyone?) is annoying!