Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cholesterol During Pregnancy

I was recently informed by a blood test that my LDL cholesterol is slightly elevated. I haven't ever made a special effort to avoid high-cholesterol foods, such as egg yolks, beef, pork, and cheese, but I also haven't ever had an elevated cholesterol value. Because I know that high cholesterol is often a concern for type I and type II diabetics, I was worried that this may be the beginning of the long, uphill, often medicated (but not during childbearing years) battle against high cholesterol.

Fortunately, I was told by a maternal-fetal specialist today that high cholesterol is totally normal during pregnancy. The associations floating around in my brain lead me to assume this may be related to myelination of the baby's neurons. Anyone better-versed in the physiology of blood cholesterol levels know how and why this happens during pregnancy? Also, I was surprised that my endocrinologist was not aware of the phenomenon.

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