Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cool Meal Idea for Mommies

On a fellow diabetes blog, I ran across this web page last week. I've joined to try it out because the dietitian in me couldn't resist and, I'm not going to lie... I LOVE it. provides 5 healthy menus with recipes and a grocery shopping list for each week. The creator of the site is mother to a type 1 child and shares experiences of other mommies on the site each week. So, if you're a mommy, or mommy-to-be, you will one day face the question, WHAT AM I GOING TO COOK TONIGHT!!?? And for me, for the next few weeks, the decision is, thankfully, made by The Meal Mommy.

From a health stand point, she does a great job with balance and gives nutrition info (carb counts!!) for all of the meals. Hope you enjoy :) jenn

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