Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Attitude Problem?

I was reading a few fellow diabetes blogs this morning and realized something... I think I have a starkly different attitude about my diabetes than the rest of the blogging community? What's that say about me? Was my first thought...and then, huh, oh well was my second.

I hope and pray this will not ruin my credibility with you all as far as my whole push for birthing is concerned. But, maybe it's an important piece of the puzzle.

I have diabetes, so what? That's pretty much my modus operandi. I don't care that I have diabetes. I haven't ever cared. I got it, I take care of it, I moved on. Is that weird?

I HATED support groups as a kid. My mom insisted that I go a few times and I was like, this sucks...
these people are all mopey...I'm not mopey, I'm fine. Why do I have to go listen to their crap mom?

Maybe I have an attitude problem? I don't consider myself to be any different from any other human because of my diabetes, and you better not either...that's my paradigm and I'm sticking to it.

My kids don't know I have diabetes, Jack says "where's my diabetes" (stuff) all of the time, but he has NO clue what that means, he just says it because I do. No one has ever had to take care of me because of my diabetes. I can do it myself thank you very much. (I haven't experienced a situation in which I could not care for myself to this point, and pray I do not ever but I don't let myself get that far out of control maybe?) My diabetes doesn't affect my sweet husband, and it certainly is NOT part of the intimate times in our relationship, it is removed from the scene. Not because he minds the pump, but because I do! (site stays). Diabetes gadgets are ok, not great in my book. And not a must by any stretch of my imagination. I had two healthy babies before CGMs were around. The pump was great for pregnancy, but I think at this point in the game, pumps are old news.

And on that note, the first time I EVER wore a pump for more than 2 weeks straight was with pregnancy #1...before that I was on the pump, and off the pump as I pleased for 5 years (and never wore it in the summer as a teenager.) You're betting I had terrible control right? Nope, never above 7.2 A1C.

All that is to say... I've read over and over on blogs that "diabetes is my life"... I'm sorry. Diabetes is not my life. I have an awesome life. I check my blood sugar and wear a pump, but I look at it like going pee...a private, but necessary part of my life. :) and now maybe the rest of this blog makes more sense! jenn.

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